I just finished making oatmeal for the girls and toast and apples for the little guy.
I have a hot cup of coffee on the desk with me as I type. The spider webs outside are frozen white and the girls are at the window discussing how they don't look real. It's very cold and Grimm like outside... scary and creepy. It's giving me an abundance of design ideas! 

When the sun breaks through and warms up the view, and the girls are off to school, I'm taking a trip to the yarn store. Followed by nap time for my wee one, a pot of hot hot tea and some very therapeutic swatch knitting. 

Thank you to everyone who has commented, "hearted" and/or purchased my Aloysius hat on Ravelry. I just finished an adult version in a rich green color. It's going to fly out to Tahoe to be with my cousin today. But first I'll snap some photos so I can add it to my fished projects on Ravelry.

Stay warm!

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