Discovery Cap

It was about time I made my little guy one of these caps. I designed it a very long time ago before I ever thought I'd have the joy of raising a little boy. My daughter modeled it for my pattern pictures in pink. But I have to say I am digging this Tar color more. I made him the medium size using Shibui Maai in color Tar. Pattern details here. This yarn is super soft and because it is a chained yarn, it has so much elasticity!

By the way, MAJOR bribing going on to get with a smile on his face. That goofy one was his favorite! hee hee.


It's FALL! I couldn't be more excited about this... and absolutely irritated in love with Facebook and Instagram.

I'm now in Southern California and Fall, as it was in Oregon, does not exist here. In fact... it's warmer now than it ever got most Summer days in Portland. Everyone on social media is posting "crisp, classic Fall today!" and #FavoriteTimeOfYear and Sunflower images and pumpkin images and sweater images and boots and hats and gloves and ..... I'm going to explode! I have no idea how to enjoy the Fall in a tank top and sun screen. It's killing me.

Advice from dear friend: Close all blinds, put cider and cinnamon on stove, light candle and turn the AC as low as you can. Then send kids outside to hose down windows (rain lol!) and kick back with coffee and wool sweater!

I think it's fabulous advice! Especially because I finally finished my beautiful Brooklyn Tweed // Michele Wang // Rowe sweater. I have yet to take my finished shots. There it is above, folded up waiting for my Fake Fall Party!

On other knitting, I've been swathing away on a little Holiday project (while mourning the good old cold days). This too is with Brooklyn Tweed. A new design that will be perfect for my trip to lake Tahoe the first of November.

Okay, I have vented my sadness about missing a cold Fall, so now I'm going to do my best to enjoy this amazing sunny weather. I promise.

Happy Fall Everyone! (really)



I hadn't done much colorwork before my Danae Mitts last winter. I enjoyed every minute of those mitts and added many many fair aisle projects to my Ravelry queue. Many of these projects are not Southern Cal appropriate... boo hoo. But I decided that a small project for a friends baby boy would help satisfy my craving.

I decided on this free pattern by Tina Barrett. I had enough stashed Shibui yarn from my KP days and decided to cast on right away. I'm loving the color combo I chose (well, truth be told I gave a lot of yarn away when I moved so I didn't have much of a choice... more, I got lucky with what I saved).
All I have left are the two sleeve ribbed edges and it's ready o go out in the mail!

In other knitting news, I did a little rav research and found a knitting a group that meets regularly on Tuesdays very near my house. I joined the group and received a very sweet message from one of the members. I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people and having some me time. Ravelry is such a great community!


Finished Object

I came across this pattern last week and almost instantly cast on. Since moving to Southern California I've struggled to find the motivation to pull out and finish my BEAUTIFUL cabled sweater. I have 1.5 sleeves left and the shawl collar. That's it! But when the heck mam I going to wear the darn thing now? sigh...

So I decided to jump back to my knitting therapy with a small baby project. Something fast, adorable and rewarding. Something to remind me why I need to keep my knitting train-a-chugging!

Kragetopp / the collar top by Paelas Paelasit. I love the way it turned out. I'm on the hunt now for little cotton, light weight, floral bloomers or pants to pair with it.

Mission accomplished. I haven't lost it! I still love knitting.... thank GOD!

Gift: My cousin Megan's Baby Kate


Hello again quiet little blog. For anyone who may find this new post... things have changed dramatically for me and my little family since last I posted.

In April of this year (2015) I moved to Southern California from my always home in the Pacific NW. It was a fast and furious move! Away from my job at Knit-Purl yarn store that I loved, family, friends, and a culture of crafting, making, rain and outdoor activities that I’d grown very happy and comfortable with.

What a culture shock it’s been. My kids are loving it! For me it’s been a little harder to adjust. I have only recently picked back up my needles… it’s hard to wrap my brain around knitting in a climate that most of my favorite projects could never be worn in. I see sewing becoming a more prominent endeavor in my future? We'll see. I’m excited about the change and the change it will have on my hobbies.

  An adventure presented itself… so here we go!


Juniper Moon Farm - Zooey - color Taro

I've been designing a baby sweater. This yarn is so nice to knit with. A cotton linen blend. Perfect for the warmer falls or mild winters.

A bit about my opinion on cotton yarn... I can't stand it! Let's just get right to the point! As much as I'd like to enjoy a cotton tunic or tank, it's just not pleasant to work with. The final garment stretches out after wearing a few short hours and never quite looks the same again. Well, add a little linen to the party and all of a sudden I'm a fan!! The addition of linen adds structure and texture and some sophistication. Good job linen! Way to share some of your awesomeness with cotton!!

I'd love to read your relationship with cotton! Is it as bad as mine? Do you like cotton better after a little swing around the dance floor with linen? What projects do you use for a cotton or cotton blend yarn?

** 2/15 update. this sweet sweater and cap went to a dear friend's son who was born a couple weeks ago. Funny how you make plans for knits and sometimes they had a different plan all along! Happy that it's gone to a momma/friend who loves yarn as much as me.


Have another idea brewing. 

What new stitches or creative projects do you have in your hands this week?