Juniper Moon Farm - Zooey - color Taro

I've been designing a baby sweater. This yarn is so nice to knit with. A cotton linen blend. Perfect for the warmer falls or mild winters.

A bit about my opinion on cotton yarn... I can't stand it! Let's just get right to the point! As much as I'd like to enjoy a cotton tunic or tank, it's just not pleasant to work with. The final garment stretches out after wearing a few short hours and never quite looks the same again. Well, add a little linen to the party and all of a sudden I'm a fan!! The addition of linen adds structure and texture and some sophistication. Good job linen! Way to share some of your awesomeness with cotton!!

I'd love to read your relationship with cotton! Is it as bad as mine? Do you like cotton better after a little swing around the dance floor with linen? What projects do you use for a cotton or cotton blend yarn?

** 2/15 update. this sweet sweater and cap went to a dear friend's son who was born a couple weeks ago. Funny how you make plans for knits and sometimes they had a different plan all along! Happy that it's gone to a momma/friend who loves yarn as much as me.


Have another idea brewing. 

What new stitches or creative projects do you have in your hands this week?


I like to pin swatches and inspirational images to the wall above my work space. 
Mostly because it makes me happy, but also because it keeps the creative juices flowing!

Some inspire color combos, some set a seasonal mood, some are for texture ideas. 
That one of the home studio is so pretty and clean. Just swatches and yarn pinned to the wall. 
Half a dozen tins of color pencils (separated by color... wow... talk about organized) 
just waiting to jump on to a blank white sheet of paper. 

The wee man is napping... so i'm off to make dome tea, tidy up a bit and 
~hopefully~ get some more knitting in! I have a black hat that was ordered from my etsy
shop and it's due to fly out to it's owner in just a couple days. I see a late night knitting and
movie night in my future. Have a nice evening knitters!


(legos... there are legos and toys everywhere. But does he play them? no. He throws them around and 
then plays with foil and toilet paper and anything he is not suppose to touch of his sisters.)

My trip to the yarn store yesterday was hilarious! The little guy made all sorts of new girlfriends.
He even passed around big kiss-y lips and flirty smiles. He's so stink'n cute! Kills me!

I nabbed another skein of the grey wool to knit Trent's other sock. And as you can see above, 2 skeins of Malabrigo Rios in color Pearl Ten. This picture makes it look blue but it is actually a more grey black with hints of blue/purple. But still very masculine. I think it will be adorable with the leather elbow pads i'm going to add. I finally got around to writing this pattern set. Sweater and hat. The one above is a test knit in the wee man's current size. The newborn set I knit him before he was born is teeny tiny. I miss seeing him in it. So now I have another one and a cute kiss-y faced model for the photos. 

Red hair, blue eyes, big lips and a hand knit sweater... 
be still, my beating heart!

I'll put a could pictures of his newborn sweater set. It's so TINY! Have a great afternoon!

Malabrigo - color Pigeon


I just finished making oatmeal for the girls and toast and apples for the little guy.
I have a hot cup of coffee on the desk with me as I type. The spider webs outside are frozen white and the girls are at the window discussing how they don't look real. It's very cold and Grimm like outside... scary and creepy. It's giving me an abundance of design ideas! 

When the sun breaks through and warms up the view, and the girls are off to school, I'm taking a trip to the yarn store. Followed by nap time for my wee one, a pot of hot hot tea and some very therapeutic swatch knitting. 

Thank you to everyone who has commented, "hearted" and/or purchased my Aloysius hat on Ravelry. I just finished an adult version in a rich green color. It's going to fly out to Tahoe to be with my cousin today. But first I'll snap some photos so I can add it to my fished projects on Ravelry.

Stay warm!


Little Miss Muffet is back. 

After getting a few suggestions from knitters I decided to add 
some ease to the sleeve circumference on each size. Enjoy!