I like to pin swatches and inspirational images to the wall above my work space. 
Mostly because it makes me happy, but also because it keeps the creative juices flowing!

Some inspire color combos, some set a seasonal mood, some are for texture ideas. 
That one of the home studio is so pretty and clean. Just swatches and yarn pinned to the wall. 
Half a dozen tins of color pencils (separated by color... wow... talk about organized) 
just waiting to jump on to a blank white sheet of paper. 

The wee man is napping... so i'm off to make dome tea, tidy up a bit and 
~hopefully~ get some more knitting in! I have a black hat that was ordered from my etsy
shop and it's due to fly out to it's owner in just a couple days. I see a late night knitting and
movie night in my future. Have a nice evening knitters!

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