Juniper Moon Farm - Zooey - color Taro

I've been designing a baby sweater. This yarn is so nice to knit with. A cotton linen blend. Perfect for the warmer falls or mild winters.

A bit about my opinion on cotton yarn... I can't stand it! Let's just get right to the point! As much as I'd like to enjoy a cotton tunic or tank, it's just not pleasant to work with. The final garment stretches out after wearing a few short hours and never quite looks the same again. Well, add a little linen to the party and all of a sudden I'm a fan!! The addition of linen adds structure and texture and some sophistication. Good job linen! Way to share some of your awesomeness with cotton!!

I'd love to read your relationship with cotton! Is it as bad as mine? Do you like cotton better after a little swing around the dance floor with linen? What projects do you use for a cotton or cotton blend yarn?

** 2/15 update. this sweet sweater and cap went to a dear friend's son who was born a couple weeks ago. Funny how you make plans for knits and sometimes they had a different plan all along! Happy that it's gone to a momma/friend who loves yarn as much as me.

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  1. I hate linen but love it in blends. It is the perfect partner for so many things. It has a strong back and a soft hand, especially over time.