Hello again quiet little blog. For anyone who may find this new post... things have changed dramatically for me and my little family since last I posted.

In April of this year (2015) I moved to Southern California from my always home in the Pacific NW. It was a fast and furious move! Away from my job at Knit-Purl yarn store that I loved, family, friends, and a culture of crafting, making, rain and outdoor activities that I’d grown very happy and comfortable with.

What a culture shock it’s been. My kids are loving it! For me it’s been a little harder to adjust. I have only recently picked back up my needles… it’s hard to wrap my brain around knitting in a climate that most of my favorite projects could never be worn in. I see sewing becoming a more prominent endeavor in my future? We'll see. I’m excited about the change and the change it will have on my hobbies.

  An adventure presented itself… so here we go!

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