It's FALL! I couldn't be more excited about this... and absolutely irritated in love with Facebook and Instagram.

I'm now in Southern California and Fall, as it was in Oregon, does not exist here. In fact... it's warmer now than it ever got most Summer days in Portland. Everyone on social media is posting "crisp, classic Fall today!" and #FavoriteTimeOfYear and Sunflower images and pumpkin images and sweater images and boots and hats and gloves and ..... I'm going to explode! I have no idea how to enjoy the Fall in a tank top and sun screen. It's killing me.

Advice from dear friend: Close all blinds, put cider and cinnamon on stove, light candle and turn the AC as low as you can. Then send kids outside to hose down windows (rain lol!) and kick back with coffee and wool sweater!

I think it's fabulous advice! Especially because I finally finished my beautiful Brooklyn Tweed // Michele Wang // Rowe sweater. I have yet to take my finished shots. There it is above, folded up waiting for my Fake Fall Party!

On other knitting, I've been swathing away on a little Holiday project (while mourning the good old cold days). This too is with Brooklyn Tweed. A new design that will be perfect for my trip to lake Tahoe the first of November.

Okay, I have vented my sadness about missing a cold Fall, so now I'm going to do my best to enjoy this amazing sunny weather. I promise.

Happy Fall Everyone! (really)

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